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Getting ready for network optimization

Getting ready for network optimization

Getting ready for network optimization

A fact-finding workbook for enterprises

Network optimization is something every enterprise should be thinking about. Whether you’re a network engineer, a cloud or wan architect, a network planner, or the Head of IT, the first step on an optimization project is to look at how your current network infrastructure and services are architected, deployed, and managed. 

This workbook is a starting point to begin the network exploration process. It is designed to help you to establish where you are now so you can start to move forward.

It covers: 

  • Mapping current points of presence, both physical and virtual
  • Data flows across your network
  • Cloud connectivity and cloud-to-cloud routing
  • Applications you rely on

Future-proof connectivity by first knowing what you have

Getting to know your current setup, and gathering this type of information will put you in a far stronger position to adopt a successful network optimization strategy. Which in turn will help you to future-proof your business to deal with the growing interconnection requirements ahead of you.

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