Big changes at DE-CIX

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There are some big organizational changes happening at DE-CIX: After more than 25 years as CEO and five years as Chair of the DE-CIX Group AG Board, Harald A. Summa is stepping down to take a seat on the DE-CIX Supervisory Board. Ivo Ivanov, who has until now been a member of the DE-CIX Group AG Board, will take his place as the new CEO and as Chair of the Board.

"Automotive sector and colossal data: Challenges and way forward" - Ivo Ivanov, the CEO of DE-CIX International

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What are the challenges the automotive sector may face in dealing with colossal amounts of data? What are the ways the automotive sector can address this challenge?

Industries worldwide are entering a new era of digitalization, everywhere, for everything, making performance, resilience, and security in network connections business-critical. Enterprises from segments like healthcare, finance, retail, logistics, and automotive are discovering the benefits of connecting with their digital value chain via an Internet Exchange (IX).

The five star hotel experience will start at the datacentre

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Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX global speaks about what technology can do for the hospitality industry in the near future.

It has taken the pandemic for the hospitality industry to realise the true potential of technology and the virtual world when it comes to business. ETHospitalityWorld spoke with Ivo Ivanov, the Germany-based CEO of DE-CIX (pronounced dee-kicks) Global— the largest internet exchange in the world.

"New digital spirit of optimism": Forecasts for the Internet in 2021

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When it comes to digitalization, what will be important in 2021 for companies, cloud providers, and ISPs? Will the digital boost brought about by Corona be ongoing in the new year? Dr. Thomas King, Head of Technology at the operator of the world's largest Internet Exchange (IX), DE-CIX Frankfurt in Germany, on the future of Internet connections and interconnection in 2021.


1. The connection of the future will be dedicated

Covid 19: Why low latency is essential in times of accelerated digitalization By Dr Thomas King – CTO DE-CIX

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The world has undergone major changes in recent months. The outbreak and rapid spread of COVID- 19 has meant the effect that unpredictable events can have on our everyday lives – whether privately or professionally – has become tangible. The result of this situation is that digital transformation must and is being strongly accelerated; under normal circumstances, this process would not have happened as quickly as it has in recent months.

"In a time of crisis, a global lockdown needs a digital unlocking" - Ivo Ivanov, DE-CIX International CEO

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Digital applications that enable communication and collaboration are key to enduring the current crisis

We are at a very special moment in history right now. Never before in modern times have we seen such a global impact and a global response to a crisis, which largely ignores geopolitical borders.The COVID-19 outbreak and its repercussions have put cities, countries, entire regions on hold.

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