Is the Internet Sustaining the Growth Trajectories Observed as the COVID-19 Pandemic Hit the World?

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With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the sixth month of global disruption, many companies readily shared data, statistics and observational insights on how the pandemic has impacted the global data infrastructure. While an increased demand for core Internet infrastructure was quickly observed, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella remarked in April of 2020: “we have seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.”

Covid 19: Why low latency is essential in times of accelerated digitalization By Dr Thomas King – CTO DE-CIX

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The world has undergone major changes in recent months. The outbreak and rapid spread of COVID- 19 has meant the effect that unpredictable events can have on our everyday lives – whether privately or professionally – has become tangible. The result of this situation is that digital transformation must and is being strongly accelerated; under normal circumstances, this process would not have happened as quickly as it has in recent months.

The Role of ISPs and Cloud Providers in the Pandemic and the developments in the Industry

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We would like to update our Peers and Readers about the webinar focusing on the 'Role of ISPs and Cloud Providers in the Pandemic and the developments in the Industry

Date : 3 July 2020

Time : 4 pm IST

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This insightful session will be moderated by Mr Sudhir Kunder, Sr VP National Head - Sales of DE-CIX India.

"In a time of crisis, a global lockdown needs a digital unlocking" - Ivo Ivanov, DE-CIX International CEO

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Digital applications that enable communication and collaboration are key to enduring the current crisis

We are at a very special moment in history right now. Never before in modern times have we seen such a global impact and a global response to a crisis, which largely ignores geopolitical borders.The COVID-19 outbreak and its repercussions have put cities, countries, entire regions on hold.

"Our Services Reduce Latencies And Improve The Overall Quality Of Internet" - Sudhir Kunder, Sr VP - Sales

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"I Sincerely Believe That A Good Channel Ecosystem Helps An Organisation To Acquire The Width And Depth Of Coverage And Helps The Sis Also To Increase Their Share Of Wallet Within Their Existing Set Of Accounts. They Are Always Excited About Technology Changes And Improvements. Working With Them Helps Us To Reach Our Objective Faster And Their Local Know How Improves The Collaboration"

The role of data centers in an interconnected world

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From storage evolution to digital revolution

“Internet Exchange Points,” comments Gabriel Willigens, Head of the Business Unit DataLogistIX at Itenos, “live in data centers.” There’s a good reason for this: that’s where data lives. Today, data centers are the warehouses of the digital economy, providing a home not only for the data itself, but also for the platforms and applications that have become so ubiquitous in the modern world.

Lockdown Impact on Internet

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OTT traffic surged 198.68 per cent, hosting traffic (storage space and access for websites) went up by 62.78 per cent, ISP traffic increased by 54.38 per cent

There has been a significant increase in traffic in categories like gaming, over the top (streaming) services and hosting and internet service providers (ISP) since the week of February 24-28, according to the Internet Exchange DE-CIX.

Empty streets, full internet pipes: Ivo Ivanov of DE-CIX

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20 per cent surge in data traffic and change in network behavior, says the Internet Exchange operator

Covid-19 has led to an unprecedented surge in data traffic as well as huge shift in network behavior, finds DE-CIX. And this could be a lasting change, not just a short-term phenonmenon, it feels.

 “It’s empty streets but full internet pipes,” says Ivo Ivanov, chief executive officer of DE-CIX International, which operates in 22 markets, and in India is present in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

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