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"New digital spirit of optimism": Forecasts for the Internet in 2021

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When it comes to digitalization, what will be important in 2021 for companies, cloud providers, and ISPs? Will the digital boost brought about by Corona be ongoing in the new year? Dr. Thomas King, Head of Technology at the operator of the world's largest Internet Exchange (IX), DE-CIX Frankfurt in Germany, on the future of Internet connections and interconnection in 2021.


1. The connection of the future will be dedicated

DE-CIX India establishes new PoP at STT Telemedia in Delhi and Chennai

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The leading carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchange (IX) operator on the Indian sub-continent, DE-CIX India, announced the expansion of its Internet Exchange points of presence (PoPs) at Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai to meet the increased demand in internet usage and bandwidth capacity posed by COVID-19. In addition to its fifth PoP in Mumbai introduced last month, DE-CIX has now deployed new PoPs within STT Telemedia DC’s in Chennai and Delhi.

India’s data consumption on OTTs surges 947% between March to July

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Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdown opened the flood gates in terms of demand for data as work from home (WFH) became a reality. In last roughly four-and-a-half months beginning March, India’s data consumption grew at a scorching pace with demand on OTT and VoD platforms rising by a whopping 947% compared to what it was in February, with indications that the rally is far from over.

How can Cloud help the Banking and Finance companies in the digital world

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This is the year 2020, and if you aren’t still leveraging the Cloud due to outdated security reasons, then you are living in the past!

Financial services are one of the most dynamic and innovative industries, and the Cloud is central to digital innovation. Combining both these factors will give you the best possible outcome from Clouds that help the Banking and Finance companies around the world.

"Our Services Reduce Latencies And Improve The Overall Quality Of Internet" - Sudhir Kunder, Sr VP - Sales

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"I Sincerely Believe That A Good Channel Ecosystem Helps An Organisation To Acquire The Width And Depth Of Coverage And Helps The Sis Also To Increase Their Share Of Wallet Within Their Existing Set Of Accounts. They Are Always Excited About Technology Changes And Improvements. Working With Them Helps Us To Reach Our Objective Faster And Their Local Know How Improves The Collaboration"

The role of data centers in an interconnected world

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From storage evolution to digital revolution

“Internet Exchange Points,” comments Gabriel Willigens, Head of the Business Unit DataLogistIX at Itenos, “live in data centers.” There’s a good reason for this: that’s where data lives. Today, data centers are the warehouses of the digital economy, providing a home not only for the data itself, but also for the platforms and applications that have become so ubiquitous in the modern world.

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