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Get access to DE-CIX India’s Interconnection services – Peering & DirectCLOUD

DE-CIX India is India’s premier Internet Exchange operator which focuses on providing world class interconnection services to Internet Service Providers, Carriers, Content Delivery Networks, Over-the-Top platforms and Hosting companies, Enterprises, Educational Institutes, and other Networks looking to improve their network efficiency.

DE-CIX India primarily provides you with Peering & DirectCLOUD services.

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Peering Services

Peering services to Internet Service Providers, Broadband providers and other Networks.We offer both Public Peering (Route Server Peering) and Private Peering (Bilateral Peering).

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DirectCLOUD service to Enterprises, Hosting companies, Networks and Institutes.DirectCloud service connects you with multiple cloud providers with a single access.A secure access bypassing the Internet

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Connected Networks

Thousands of networks connect at DE-CIX's Internet Exchanges either to peer with all connected networks, to connect directly with selected networks, to access cloud service providers, or to use other interconnection services.

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