Peering Services

peering services

Peering Services

Get access to DE-CIX India's Internet Exchange & Peering Services

DE-CIX India offers secure Internet Peering solutions to networks. Acting as the facilitator for networks to get the benefits of Peering without negotiating agreements to each other manually. With access to Our content-rich interconnection platform, networks can enhance their offerings. With improved latency, bootstrapped speed, access to local Peer to Peer traffic and reduced transit costs could be a game changer for networks.

With the direct connection with Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s), Internet Services Providers (ISP’s), Video streaming services (OTT & IPTV’s), DNS Root Servers & Social Media networks etc, Networks interconnecting at DE-CIX India can easily bypass approx. 85% of Internet Traffic. resulting in reduced Internet Bandwith/Transit costs.

DE-CIX India’s Standard Product GlobePeer include both Public Peering (Route Server Peering) and Direct Peering (Bilateral Peering or Multi-Lateral Peering over Exchange) Services

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    Route Server Peering/Public Peering

    Route Server Peering helps new peers to exchanges traffic with other peers from day one over the shared fabric.

    Both Route Server at DE-CIX India exchanges are independent to each other, Customers are encouraged to keep both BGP Sessions up for uninterrupted services.

    Both Route Server supports Large BGP Communities. To Peer/Announce with whom & whom not at completely Peer's discretion.

    Bilateral Peering/Private Peering

    Private peering is mostly preferred by large networks, it allows more efficiency between connected parties. DE-CIX India allows a peer to establish E-BGP over other peers.

    We provide Bilateral Peering through our secured L2 Platform where Networks connect directly with desired CDN's and other Networks. It establishes separate BGP sessions with each of these content networks to have more control.

    All DE-CIX India services include 24x7x365 NOC and Sales Support, which supports during working hours. All services are backed by DE-CIX Global Industry level SLA (Service Layer Agreement).

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