Become a DE-CIX Partner

Why Become a DE-CIX Partner?

DE-CIX India being India's largest Internet Exchange aims at providing first-class services to its customers. With joining the partner program you can expand your network. Under this program you are certified to offer DE-CIX India services to your customers.

Benefits of the Partner Program :

There are many benefits of becoming a DE-CIX Partner – both for you and your customers. 

  • Extend your services with best-in-class service from DE-CIX 
  • Enable your customers to peer at DE-CIX India via your access to DE-CIX
  • Use your capacity / bandwidth more efficiently

By joining DE-CIX,
you become part of a
universe of networks. Everywhere.

Connect customers with your access port

You connect your customers via your transport connection to your access port at DE-CIX India. We configure a IndiaPEER VLAN in the required size with a selected VLAN ID and unique IP address.

Why India?

Populated by over 1.3 billion people, the Indian Subcontinent is an important and powerful region with great potential as it is the second highest number of internet users in the world.

Why Mumbai?

Mumbai is the largest city in India by population and is also known as the financial capital of the country. It is a landing point of 14 intercontinental sea cables and has quickly grown to be the largest Internet Exchange and Peering Hub in the country – and the second largest in the whole DE-CIX ecosystem.

Mumbai-IX is distributed across four carrier- neutral DC's and will expand it’s presence to several more in the near future. All IXs are interconnected and connections are available in port capacities of 1G, 10G, and 100G.

In addition to Mumbai, DE-CIX’s ecosystem in the region also includes Internet Exchanges in
Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.


Our Partner On-boarding team

Sudhir Kunder
Sudhir Kunder

Country Director

Melanie Kempf
Melanie Kempf

Director Global Partner Relations

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