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10 Reasons to peer: 7. Peering makes partnership possible

As we have learned in this reasons to peer series, peering has many advantages, ranging from financial benefits to having a more robust and stable network. It can also offer opportunities for new partnerships. Easy start for premium services: Internet Exchanges not only offer you access to hundreds of networks for peering, but also to hundreds of possible partners e.g. for buying or selling MPLS connections (known as: MPLS NNI).

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“Automotive sector and colossal data: Challenges and way forward” - Ivo Ivanov, the CEO of DE- CIX International


Industries worldwide are entering a new era of digitalization, everywhere, for everything, making performance, resilience, and security in network connections business-critical. Enterprises from segments like healthcare, finance, retail, logistics, and automotive are discovering the benefits of connecting with their digital value chain via an Internet Exchange (IX).

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Peering Vs IP Transit

The Internet means the interconnection of computer networks which is connected by a group of servers and networks the same way cities and towns are connected by roads and highways, all the networks on the Internet need some way to communicate. The two types of interconnection that exists are “IP Transit” and “Peering”.

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