DE-CIX India September 2020 Newsletter

DE-CIX Academy is now in India !

To help our customers to get the most out of their connection to DE-CIX, we provide online and on-site training and white papers on peering, network interconnection, and related topics.

We invite you to our Peering Tools Webinar hosted by DE-CIX Academy Head Mr. Wolfgang Tremmel and DE-CIX India CIO Mr. Ajai Tripathi on 6th October at 3 pm IST. The webinar is focused on introduction to the peering tools like PeeringDB, DE-CIX Looking Glass, RIPE Stat, RIPE Atlas and more followed by a Q&A session.

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Is the Internet Sustaining the Growth Trajectories Observed as the COVID-19 Pandemic Hit the World?

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the sixth month of global disruption, many companies readily shared data, statistics and observational insights on how the pandemic has impacted the global data infrastructure. While an increased demand for core Internet infrastructure was quickly observed, Microsofts CEO Satya Nadella remarked in April of 2020: we have seen two years worth of digital transformation in two months.

In May of 2020, Dropbox was quoted saying: Another challenge for Dropbox has been the shift of Internet traffic from being highly concentrated in big hubs to a more distributed pattern. Instead of having a lot of traffic coming from a thousand accounts in a university, for example, Dropbox is now seeing all those accounts access its platform from many different places, through many different networks.

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Best ISP Practices: While connecting to an Internet Exchange

Normally, the success of an IXP should be measured by its ability to sustainably contribute to the development of the Internet ecosystem within its community. Growth in the number of members connecting to IX encourages to exchange the internet traffic and keep it local.

Members connect to Internet exchanges to peer directly with other ISP & content networks which results in lower reliance on Internet transit, with improved reliability & efficiency. As per Peering DB, there are now more than 600+ public internet exchange points. The main features of IX are to provide route-server peering.

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Why low latency is essential in times of accelerated digitalization

Despite all the challenges and limitations, it is reassuring to know that the structure of the Internet functions reliably and, to a large extent, supports both private and professional life albeit from a distance. On the one hand, people can keep in touch privately with friends and family through video calls and other digital communication tools. Gaming and the streaming of video content also help to keep people entertained.

Here too, video calls via Skype, Zoom or Teams are indispensable. Stable VPN connections guarantee access to the work-related materials stored digitally on the file servers in the company network. Internet Exchanges, such as DE-CIX (German Commercial Internet Exchange) in Frankfurt, take on the neutral role of a data intermediary; connected networks are securely and reliably interconnected via a direct connection.

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Connected Networks

DE-CIX Mumbai

  • Apple Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. AS136716
  • Arichwal IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. AS134884
  • Arjun Broadband Pvt. Ltd. AS132935
  • ASPT Networks Pvt. Ltd. AS139490
  • Broadband Pacenet (India) Pvt. Ltd. AS23682
  • Communication & Communicate Nepal Pvt. Ltd. AS45845
  • Earth Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. AS58715
  • Fibre Air Services Pvt. Ltd. AS132771
  • Fortanix Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. AS23013
  • Foxtel Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. AS134004
  • Jb Jain Broadband Solutions Pvt. Ltd. AS139514
  • Kalchury Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. AS133241
  • Krishinet Infocom Pvt. Ltd. AS135845
  • MAHA Mediacom LLP. AS134042
  • MNR Broadband Services AS133648
  • Nextia Broadband Pvt. Ltd. AS133676
  • Ookla Telecom Pvt. Ltd. AS136625
  • Radinet Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. AS138277
  • Rural Broadband Pvt. Ltd. AS134177
  • Siliguri Internet and Cable TV Pvt. Ltd. AS55814
  • Teleglobal Communications Pvt. Ltd. AS135722

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