DE-CIX India establishes new pop at Sify Rabale
This will be the fifth pop of DE-CIX India in the Mumbai market. This partnership provides an opportunity to both DE-CIX India customers and Sify Technologies customers to connect with each other via cross connect and exchange traffic improving their end users internet experience.

DE-CIX India serves 220+ networks in Mumbai with presence in Web Werks DC2, Netmagic DC5, ST Telemedia DC, GPX Mumbai and now Sify Technologies Rabale.
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DE-CIX Virtual Anniversary Show
DE-CIX Virtual Anniversary Show
25 years of Interconnection was celebrated on 26th June 2020, thank you for being part of the celebrations. For those who couldn't join us can watch it on the website linked below.

The Virtual Show featured interviews with customers, partners, employees and one of the Fathers of the Internet Vint Cerf.
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Get direct access to multiple Cloud Providers


DirectCLOUD offers you a single connection that gives you access to multiple cloud providers.


DirectCLOUD service is available at any DE-CIX enabled DC's at any time which reduces dependency on Single DC.


A secure connection that bypasses the Internet; protected against DDoS attacks, guaranteed SLAs, measurable quality, stable packet routes.


You can access the cloud service provides via your existing DE-CIX access, leading to less cross connect costs.

Connected Networks

DE-CIX Mumbai
Sistemos Information Technology Pvt Ltd - AS132772
SymBios Creations Private Ltd - AS55734
Sukain Infoway Pvt Ltd - AS134937
YMS Networks Pvt Ltd - AS133645
China Mobile International Limited - AS136907
Sify Technologies Limited - AS9583
Shri Sai Nath Broadband Pvt Ltd - AS138263
Bajpai Telecom - AS133277
Indhuandmahadev Broadband Pvt Ltd - AS140242
Netplus Broadband Services Pvt Ltd - AS138263
A-net Communication India Pvt Ltd - AS137158
Joister Infoserve Pvt Ltd - AS45194
World Phone Internet Services Pvt Ltd - AS18002
Sherie Plexus - AS135234
Maruthi Cable and Data Pvt Ltd - AS137159
OSBNET Broadband- AS136671
Sikka Broadband - ASAS45942138255
Upcoming Webinars
DE-CIX India and SCAT India and SCAT India team has organized a webinar on 3rd July 2020 to discuss ‘The role of ISPs and cloud Providers in the Pandemic and the developments in the industry’.
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DE-CIX Global Webinars list is here

 DE-CIX India April Newsletter 2020
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