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The Role of ISPs and Cloud Providers in the Pandemic and developments in the Industry Webinar

Thank you to all the Peers and Networks that joined the webinar on 3rd July. It was an insightful session between Mr. Mehul Sampat from One OTT, Mr. Sanjay Liman from NTT Netmagic and Mr. Sudhir Kunder from DE-CIX India.

Incase you missed it, you can watch the recording here

DirectCLOUD has Helped Enterprises During COVID-19

DE-CIX India launched its DirectCLOUD service at the DE-CIX Mumbai location to enable customers to access the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange and connect to the global cloud services, provided by Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

DE-CIX’s cloud ecosystem is a unique community of certified partners, working together to ensure a secure, resilient, and reliable access to the cloud. Within this ecosystem, the DirectCLOUD service is an interface connecting the infrastructure of a company via an ISP or data center with the selected cloud service provider. This makes the access to many different cloud service providers, from niches to hybrid solutions, very easy.

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Why the Internet holds firm: Internet infrastructure in times of COVID-19

In view of these significant changes in our internet usage behavior, the following questions arise: How much short-term growth can the internet actually sustain, and what are the limiting factors?

The open internet architecture was, over 50 years ago, initially conceived with important design decisions, such as the technological independence of the individual subnetworks, best-effort packet switching, and no global control. In detail, of course, the internet and all the technologies involved have undergone enormous development – but many of the basic protocols and concepts (such as IP, BGP and TCP) have mostly only been extended in important details. The totality of these decisions is the basis for the phenomenal growth of the internet over the last few decades. Therefore, it can easily handle short-term increases in data traffic, as we are currently seeing..

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New mobile standard 5G: Five essential technologies for its profitable application

A stable, secure and reliable Internet connection is essential. More than ever, accelerated digitalization means that our society is increasingly dependent on technical innovations. In this context, 5G will play a crucial role. But there is much more to 5G than simply “super-fast Internet” for the smartphone – as the new mobile standard is widely perceived by the public. Streaming high-resolution content to mobile phones is only one aspect. In addition, 5G offers enormous potential for a range of industrial and economic sectors. A prominent example is connected factories in the wake of Industry 4.0. But there are also application scenarios in agriculture and construction, in the transport sector, in energy production, and in the medical sector.

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Connected Networks

de-cix Mumbai

  • Tejays Dynamic Pvt Ltd AS55507
  • Airtech Internet Solutions Pvt Ltd AS136302
  • HYFY Giga Fiber Pvt Ltd AS137132
  • Anjani Broadband Solutions Pvt Ltd AS58965
  • Genstar Network Solutions Pvt Ltd AS134022
  • FastForTechnologies Pvt ltd AS135269
  • Aamra Technologies Limited AS58601
  • Gulbarga Megaspeed Pvt Ltd AS134262
  • Multicraft Digital Technologies AS135834
  • Siddhi Cable & Networks Pvt Ltd AS140269
  • Minet Communication AS139504
  • Gaurav Communication Pvt. Ltd AS138317
  • Green Tech Net Com Pvt Ltd AS135818


  • Netvision Avhad Networks Pvt Ltd AS136305
  • Limelight Networks India Pvt Ltd AS55429

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The exceptional times have resulted all the industry events to move online.


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