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De-Cix India
DE-CIX India establishes 2 new PoPs in Noida, Delhi NCR and 2 in Mumbai!

DE-CIX India, has announced the expansion of its points of presence (PoPs) in the national as well as financial capital. In addition to its 11 PoPs across the country, DE-CIX has now deployed 4 new PoPs within Web Werks Delhi NCR, Sify Noida, and Netmagic DC6, Netmagic DC7. DE-CIX India interconnects 310+ networks and is the only Open-IX certified IX in India, operating the industry’s most robust and advanced peering platform.

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Digital everywhere, for everyone

We are entering a new era of digitalization – a new era of interconnection – in which digital applications and services will be needed everywhere, for everyone. The year 2021 heralds the beginning of the most exciting digital decade since the original boom of the commercial Internet. Digital business has definitively become the backbone of economic growth for the future and no sector can afford not to be on the path to digitalization. It's no longer a question of whether you should digitalize. Yes, you should. The faster, the better.

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DE-CIX India announces access to Oracle Cloud via FastConnect

DE-CIX India announced it will offer connectivity to Oracle Cloud through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect at any of the 8 data centers at DE-CIX Mumbai within Oracle’s Network. Oracle Customers can harness the power of Oracle Cloud locally, including Oracle Autonomous Database, to unlock innovation and drive business growth. This direct access enables customers to migrate applications and data to Oracle Cloud via the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service, thus creating a unified hybrid computing environment between their in-house and public cloud infrastructures in a very secure way. DirectCLOUD is a service of the DE-CIX award-winning SD WAN Apollon platform.

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You can download our Whitepapers here. DE-CIX Whitepapers

Connected Networks
DE-CIX Mumbai
  • AS133287 - Andhra Pradesh State Fibernet Ltd
  • AS135824 - Bharat Digital Network Pvt ltd
  • AS131459 - Blu Ultraband Internet Services Pvt Ltd
  • AS139518 - Daanish Broadband Pvt Ltd
  • AS135817 - Erin Media Pvt ltd
  • AS141337 - JR Enterprise
  • AS133311 - Maxtech Broadband Pvt Ltd
  • AS136374 - Microtalk Communications Pvt Ltd
  • AS137678 - Protoact Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd
  • AS17117 - RITSnet, Inc.
  • AS136649 - Sri Ram Broadband Services Pvt Ltd
  • AS136714 - Stampede Communications Pvt Ltd
  • AS140181 - Turbofy Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • AS140191 - Vande Mahamaya Cable Network Pvt Ltd

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DE-CIX Team will be attending NANOG 81 on the 8th of February, 2021. Meet us virtually!

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