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DE-CIX India wins the Brand of the Year Award by The Global Hues

We are pleased to inform you that DE-CIX India has been named "Brand of the Year – 21" by the Global Hues team in the Internet Exchange Category. Over 60 Indian Award categories and Industry Verticals were represented at the event. In the span of four years, DE-CIX interconnection infrastructure in India has grown to 15 Points of Presence (PoPs), all of which are located at World-Class Data Centre facilities with greater geographical density and locational redundancy.

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10 Reasons to peer: 10. Peering is a quality seal


This is the final article in our “reasons to peer” series, and it is dedicated to the non-technical benefit of peering – how it can be used as a quality seal to grow your business. If you are a company that sells network services to other companies or individuals, peering at an Internet Exchange offers you a chance to show your customers and prospects that you care about the quality of your service. Better latency, less packet loss, and higher throughput are all benefits of peering, and many network providers use their Internet Exchange membership as part of their marketing strategy and as an assurance of a well-operated network.

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DE-CIX Predictions: 4 Trends For 2022

Unfortunately, the pandemic still won’t loosen its grip on the world, and this winter again many activities will need to take place online – from Christmas shopping to events and celebrations. Reliable and fail-safe Internet connections with the lowest possible latency are thus becoming increasingly important – for our private lives, certainly, but above all for the economy as a whole. Here, a significant role is played by Internet Exchanges (IXs).

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  • AS139195 Seans Media Pvt Ltd
  • AS133717 Sancfil Technologies Internet Services Pvt Ltd
  • AS138317 Gaurav Communication Pvt. Ltd
  • AS133693 Sri Krishna Internet Services Pvt Ltd
  • AS132752 Riyaz Internet Services Pvt Ltd
  • AS49121 Infinity Telecom s.r.o.
  • AS135817 Esto broadband
  • AS133372 Interaptus Limited
  • AS142509 BHR BROADBAND Pvt Ltd
  • AS146944 F2Connect

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