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10 Reasons to peer: 6. Peering increases the stability of your network

While buying IP transit is always just a best-effort method, without any guarantee that data is delivered or that the delivery meets any quality of service, peering increases the stability of your network. Read on to learn how this happens in this sixth instalment of our “reasons to peer” series.

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‘DE-CIX Survey: What keeps gamers from cloud gaming and how to make it more attractive


From August 25, Gamescom opens its exclusively digital exhibition halls for the second year in a row and, for three days, pulses will race in “The Heart of Gaming”. In addition to numerous premieres and insights into the world of video games, there is a further question this time: What’s the score with cloud gaming? Developments to date show that cloud gaming providers are seeking changes to make their services more attractive. For example,Microsoft now directly integrates xCloud into the Xbox app for Windows, which means gamers no longer have to take a detour via the browser.

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Best ISP Practices: While connecting to an Internet Exchange

Internet Exchange is a physical infrastructure through which Content Aggregators and ISP’s exchange internettraffic. More advancements in IX technology have been seen over the last 10 years. Normally, the success of anIXP should be measured by its ability to sustainably contribute to the development of the Internet ecosystemwithin its community. Growth in the number of members connecting to IX encourages to exchange the internet traffic and keep it local.

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