DE-CIX India August 2020 Newsletter

DE-CIX India establishes new PoP at STT Telemedia in Delhi and Chennai

In addition to the fifth PoP in Mumbai introduced last month, DE-CIX India has now deployed new PoPs within STT Telemedia DC’s in Chennai and Delhi. Expanding our geographical presence with a total of 10 Data Centers in India, with 5 PoPs in Mumbai, 2 in Delhi, 2 in Chennai, and 1 in Kolkata.

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India’s data consumption on OTTs surges 947% between March to August

Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdown opened the flood gates in terms of demand for data as work from home (WFH) became a reality. In last roughly four-and-a-half months beginning March, India’s data consumption grew at a scorching pace with demand on OTT and VoD platforms rising by a whopping 947% compared to what it was in February, with indications that the rally is far from over.

Data consumption on OTT and video on demand (VoD) platforms rose by 249% during March and April, as against February 2020. During March to July 18, this demand rose multi-fold to 947%. For comparison sake, Nokia’s annual mobile broadband India traffic index (February 2020) puts average time spent on OTT platforms at 70 minutes per day.

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DE-CIX India SVP Sudhir Kunder on India's Internet Exchange Ecosystem : Interview

DE-CIX is in markets that have highly developed IX ecosystems. What differences do you see between those markets and India, that you think are worrying or exciting?

“The excitement is that there’s a huge amount of geographic coverage to expand to. We still have Mt. Everest to climb in terms of what we can deliver in terms of a business. As we speak, we are looking at another four data centers in the next few months, if all things fall in place. One of the major hindrances is whenever you want to grow and expand with the kind of budgets that you roll out, unlike deep-pocketed Telco's, is the kind of money you need to spend to ensure that customers are connected.

The balance capex deployment is a separate proposition altogether that we do not compromise on. But the network capex is something that bites you very hard.”

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Low latency and high bandwidth critical to cloud gaming experience

Major challenges that cloud gaming providers have to face. Two of the keywords are latency and bandwidth, which will determine the quality of cloud gaming in the future. Companies must also rethink their interconnection strategy in terms of user experience.

“The future of gaming seems to have been sealed: By 2025, the global cloud gaming market value is expected to increase to around USD 8 billion. The interest in cloud gaming is growing, which is reflected in the measurements at our node in Frankfurt, especially during the past months. 18 million people in Germany alone have used the possibilities of gaming during the ongoing pandemic…... ”

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Connected Networks

DE-CIX Mumbai

  • Alliance Broadband Services Pvt Ltd AS23860
  • Catla IT & Engineering Co Pvt Ltd AS59174
  • Communication & Communicate Nepal Pvt Ltd AS45845
  • Fortanix Technologies India Pvt. Ltd AS23013
  • Krishinet Infocom Pvt. Ltd AS135845
  • LightYears Broadband Pvt Ltd AS135844
  • MAHA Mediacom LLP AS134042
  • Nextia Broadband Pvt Ltd AS133676
  • Omnet infratech Pvt Ltd AS140122
  • Paradise Telecom Pvt Ltd AS136284
  • PC care Airway Infratel Pvt Ltd AS137135
  • Radinet Info Solutions Pvt Ltd AS138277
  • SG.GS Pte Ltd. AS24482
  • Smartlink Solutions Pvt Ltd AS134331
  • Supersonic Broadband Pvt Ltd AS134886
  • Telegram Messenger Inc AS44907
  • V Net Networks Pvt Ltd AS132956
  • Wefe Technology pvt. Ltd AS133695

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