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The month of April has been a humbling and exhilarating one. Firstly, DE-CIX Mumbai was featured in Capacity Media’s “Top 10 Players to Watch - Helping the Digital India Vision to Transform the Country into a Digitally Empowered Society and Knowledge Economy.”

Secondly, DirectCLOUD solution was acknowledged as the Best Cloud Innovator of the year Award 2021 by an esteemed Panel of Judges amongst 25 Nominations at Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India.

This all is possible because of our Team, Support staff, and you our amazing customers. Thank you!

10 Reasons to Peer: 2. Peering Lower Your Costs


In this second article in our “reasons to peer” series, we explain how peering can help you to lower your costs. Companies need ever increasing amounts of bandwidth–video conferencing, a multitude of SaaS applications, video streaming, and the likes, all demand fast, efficient connections. And this comes at a cost.

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With high traffic comes great responsibility; How an internet exchange operator successfully manages continuously growing data traffic

At the latest since the spread of the global Covid-19 pandemic, people have become more and more dependent on digital services and have come to rely on them, in both their private and professional lives. Digitalisation is picking up speed faster than expected. On the front lines of accelerated digitalisation, internet exchanges, as part of the critical internet infrastructure, face the challenge of a fast, secure and smooth interconnection of thousands of networks.

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