DE-CIX India announces access to Oracle Cloud via FastConnect
 DE-CIX India announces access to Oracle Cloud via FastConnect
Simplifying the way to the Cloud: DE-CIX India now offers a direct service to Oracle Cloud

DE-CIX, one of India’s leading carrier and data-centre neutral Internet Exchange and a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced it will offer connectivity to Oracle Cloud through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect at any of the 8 data centers at DE-CIX Mumbai within Oracle’s Network. Oracle Customers can harness the power of Oracle Cloud locally, including Oracle Autonomous Database, to unlock innovation and drive business growth.  ­­­­

This direct access enables customers to migrate applications and data to Oracle Cloud via the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service, thus creating a unified hybrid computing environment between their in-house and public cloud infrastructures in a very secure way. DirectCLOUD is a service of the DE-CIX award-winning SD WAN Apollon platform.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, customers benefit from best-in-class security, consistent high performance, simple predictable pricing, and the tools and expertise needed to bring enterprise workloads to cloud quickly and efficiently.

“Cloud services have evolved to become the backbone of IT infrastructures, cutting across all segments of the industry. We’re glad that – with our DirectCLOUD service – we are helping in the expedited growth of Cloud adoption, thus contributing to digital transformation. With Oracle FastConnect, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, we now effectively have the “Big Four” Cloud service providers on our platform. With a large number of Internet service providers (ISPs) connected to DE-CIX, thousands of enterprises are in easy reach to take advantage of DirectCLOUD. Each customer has the choice to select a single or multiple CSPs at the same time on a dedicated and private Cloud connection,” says Sudhir Kunder, Sr. VP – National Head, DE-CIX Interwire, India.

“Reliable connectivity is necessary for critical, high bandwidth workloads like analytics, data warehousing, and streaming,” said Ross Brown, vice president of product management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect, customers can achieve high service levels, and reliably high throughput in their network connection to Oracle Cloud.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect provides dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other Oracle Cloud services. FastConnect provides an easy, elastic, and economical way to create a dedicated and private connection with higher bandwidth options, and a more reliable and consistent networking experience versus public internet-based connections.

Specifically architected to meet the needs of the enterprise, Oracle Cloud is an enterprise cloud that delivers powerful compute and networking performance and a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and platform cloud services from application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. With unique architecture and capabilities, Oracle Cloud delivers unmatched security, performance, and cost savings. Oracle Cloud is the only cloud built to run Oracle Autonomous Database, the industry’s first and only self-driving database.


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