COVID-19 crisis changes Internet user behaviour


  • +20% increase in overall data traffic

  • Collaborative work, Streaming and Gaming applications on the rise

The leading carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchange operator on the Indian sub-continent, DE-CIX India, has noted a strong change in data traffic and also in Internet user behavior since before COVID-19 hit the globe, and particularly since it hit India, with all its public measures in the fight against the spread of the virus. DE-CIX India has seen an increase in overall data traffic of more than 20% compared to the time before COVID-19 (end of February 2020). In addition to this, networks are facing challenges, since the entire business Internet traffic has shifted from business districts into residential areas, as people establish home offices and home schooling. Therefore, the use of collaboration tools has increased immensely. Furthermore, online video streaming has increased by 120%, and gaming by more than 80%. Data traffic and Internet usage during peak hours has continually experienced new record levels, with a 38% increase in ISP traffic.

“People face the challenge to act almost 100% online: private, business-wise, and regarding the education of children and students. In times when everyone has to practice social distancing and perhaps self-isolate, a direct connection to family, friends, and the company environment via the various private and business applications is essential. These applications and the exchange of data must run smoothly, so trust in technology is a big issue. DE-CIX ensures with its infrastructure that people can rely on the applications now required in the desired smooth and resilient quality. We make sure that even though we are physically locked, we are still digitally unlocked,” says Ivo Ivanov, CEO DE-CIX International.

He further adds: “People’s homes have turned into offices. The digital shift as a consequence of an increased demand for Internet access and the related increase in data traffic now also makes evident the significance of digital infrastructures as the backbone of world economies. We are seeing the increase in capacities with the major global and regional Internet and content providers. In some cases, the capacities have been more than doubled. Governments and businesses also need to support the implementation of reliable high bandwidth Internet access with a proper framework and judicious investments to ensure the smooth functioning of digital business that currently drives the economy. This includes the deployment of better and bigger pipes to cover the demand arising out of the usage of digital applications – both private and business.”

DE-CIX India operates digital infrastructure with fibre optic cables, which ensures a secure, resilient and smooth interconnection between connected networks; it takes on the neutral role of a “data intermediary”. Through its four markets in MumbaiDelhiKolkata, and Chennai, provides direct interconnection ensuring that the quality of applications remains stable and Internet service providers can thus guarantee the resilience of their networks and the provision of a high quality Internet access for their users.


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