Connecting national and international players in India : DE-CIX Delhi

Connecting national and international players in India : DE-CIX Delhi

Delhi is 1st City in India to have Public Internet back in 1995 by VSNL, India's Capital City Delhi is Political & economic Hub. Delhi Houses no. of Offices for Global and Indian Companies. With approx. 16.3 Million population Delhi, India's 2nd Largest Metropolitan city. Currently, Delhi & its nearby region have 400+ Licenses Internet Networks.

Opening a peering platform in Delhi is crucial for the development of the Internet in this region and we are happy to facilitate interconnection between national networks and international players. 

The exchanges are operated by DE-CIX Interwire Internet Services Private Limited, which owns a nationwide license for India.

DE-CIX Delhi is currently available at following datacenters.

Data Center                            Address                                                                              
ST Telemedia Delhi

Tata Communications VSB, Bangla Sahib Road, New Delhi, IN, 110001

More DC's coming soon

If you are not available in DE-CIX India Enabled DC's or ASN of your choice is not available.

Let us know the Datacenter & Network, where and with whom you would like to Peer with. With sustainable demand, we will expand our Operations in those DC's. and try to onboard ASN of your choice.

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