DE-CIX Chennai: Peer in India’s content-richest Internet ecosystem

DE-CIX Chennai: Peer in India’s content-richest Internet ecosystem

Chennai is the fourth largest city in India, situated in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, with a population of more than 10 million individuals, as well as economic sectors like car manufacturing, computer hardware manufacturing, human services, and data innovation. It is India's second largest cable landing station after Mumbai, located in the southern region of the nation. There are distinctive submarine links arriving from the Bay of Bengal Gateway (BBG), SeaMeWe-4, BRICS and i2i Cable Network (i2icn) to Chennai

Chennai also has one of the content-richest ecosystems in the south-east, after Mumbai. It is closer to Singapore, which is the most important regional hub in the Asia-Pacific. Opening a peering hub in Chennai is critical for the advancement of the Internet in this area, and we are glad to encourage interconnection between national systems and global players.

The exchanges are operated by DE-CIX Interwire Internet Services Private Limited, which owns a nationwide license for India.

DE-CIX Chennai is currently available at following datacenters.

Data Center                     Address                                                                                             

Bharti Airtel Santhome

ST Telemedia Chennai

Bharti Towers, 101 Santhome High Road, Chennai, IN, 600 028

4th floor, 2nd block, Swami Sivanand Salai Chennai, IN, 600 002

Vinodh Nagula

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