Importance of DirectCLOUD for SMEs

Ever thought about DirectCLOUD and how flexible it can be? DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD Services have a large base of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and AWS that serve 90% of the cloud market and allow SMEs to pick and choose different providers on a Single Interconnection Platform.

Keep in mind that using hybrid cloud can be challenging, which is why a Single Access Port is the solution. DE-CIX DirectCLOUD allows you to avoid multiple negotiations and contracts with partners and vendors. This enables you to Save Time and Money with best-in-class service to SMEs.

The Significance of DirectCLOUD became known during the Pandemic. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way SMEs conduct business, and no company understands this better than we do. Through a Single Access Port Services, DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD connects SMEs all over the world to multi-cloud providers. As a trusted partner, we help everything from security and flexibility to cost-effectiveness as well as scalability.

When it comes to Digital Platform, Security is a major concern for SMEs because they are vulnerable to hackers as long as they use the internet, but data will be safe and secure once they switch to a Legally Compliant and Secure Cloud Interconnected Platform. DDoS attacks, prefix hijacking, BGP hijacking, and route leaks are less likely when SMEs get a DirectCLOUD service from all CSPs through a single port.

In the current state of affairs, a number of factors influence cost, one of which is bandwidth. Using our services, we can reduce bandwidth utilisation by up to 90% in Mumbai and up to 80% in other cities such as Chennai. SME’s can save a significant amount of money by utilising DirectCLOUD services. There will be no need for additional hardware, and you will not be limited to a single service provider or vendor. A single access port allows you to connect to multiple Cloud Services at a lower cost, with faster connectivity, and compatibility with current hardware and software.

Now comes the important matter of the benefits of using DirectCLOUD. In the world of cloud computing, there are numerous moving parts. There are dozens of cloud providers that offer a wide range of services to businesses like yours. The sheer number and variety of options can make it difficult to know what will work best for your business and how to navigate them. DirectCLOUD Services can assist you in getting started quickly by providing a customised mix of services tailored to your specific needs. When you jump from multiple Internet hops, you will notice an impact on resource productivity and performance due to latency and security, but when you switch to DirectCLOUD services, you will get a Fast, Simple, Stable, and Secure environment.

With its expanded perks and takeaways, DirectCLOUD is truly a forward-thinking service. The world of multi-cloud is fast evolving and becoming crowded. From Red Hat to Oracle, Microsoft to Google, there are a number of platforms, products, and services competing for our attention. So, how do you choose the right cloud for your business? Why should you go with them instead of their competitors? DirectCLOUD is all you need if you’re looking for these solutions.

Continue reading to learn how DirectCLOUD can help you build your online presence and grow your business today. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, we at DE-CIX India are excited to support you and grow your business.

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