Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interconnection?

In Telecommunications, Interconnection is interconnection is a physical link between a carrier’s network and a data center, or a carrier or an ISP and their customers, or between multiple carriers, data centers, ISPs, enterprises etc.

What is Peering?

Peering is a process by which two Internet networks connect and exchange traffic. In Simple terms Peering is direct interconnection between the networks namely content providers, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), DNS root servers, Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers, IPTV networks and other networks for the exchange of traffic between the networks. Networks come together to interconnect and directly exchange traffic. Peering makes Internet more affordable and faster for the end user.

What is DE-CIX India Internet Exchange?

DE-CIX India Internet Exchange is high-performance, high-availability, physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs) and Content Networks exchange Internet traffic between their networks. At DE-CIX India we facilitate open peering with all the members, which will help your network to connect to other Content providers and ISP’s. DE-CIX India started as Mumbai Convergence Hub (Mumbai CH) ON 15 August 2014 as of now is India's Largest Internet Exchange & Open Peering Hub.

DE-CIX India run Carrier and Datacenter Neutral Internet Exchanges in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata & in Chennai.

What are the advantages of Peering?

Peering helps ISP’s to connect directly with multiple content network.

What will be the total expenditure for connecting with DE-CIX India?

at DE-CIX India, We only charge for Port Capacity subscribed. You can find more information on our port pricing here.

How much time will it take to connect with DE-CIX India Exchanges?

Timelines are dependent on your Point to Point/ National Long Distance connectivity. Expected timeline for P2P connectivity is considered as 2-3 weeks and Cross-Connect could be completed in 2-4 days, DE-CIX India's configuration generally takes 1-2 days. the P2P & Cross-connect timelines vary for Telco's & Datacenters.

Can I connect with DE-CIX India at multiple locations?

Yes, You can connect at multiple datacenters where DE-CIX India has presence, find the list here :

Do DE-CIX India helps the with telco provider for NLD?

Yes, we do work with Telco partners for providing NLD connectivity. we will help by introducing you to them.

How should I know how much peering do I need?

It depends on your existing bandwidth utilization. We normally suggest networks go for 70% peering of your existing bandwidth utilization.

What is with SLA and without SLA Pricing?

With SLA includes whole support from us with respect to technical configurations with 24*7 support. Without SLA will not include the same. Only the initial configuration will be provided in that case. Currently, DE-CIX India is not offering any services without SLA, All services include DE-CIX Backed Global SLA

Can I earn a commission for referring someone to DE-CIX India?

We have our referral program where you could get a referral bonus on every customer which you will be referring to us. For more information, please email on

What will be the latency?

Latency will be calculated as your P2P latency from your location to our location & 1-2ms at our end.

Do I need a license to peer with you?

What we require is just a valid ASN (Autonomous System Number) for connectivity.

Procedure to Connect DE-CIX India Exchanges?

Apply for DE-CIX India Membership and Sign Agreement.

Membership & Cross connect payment in advance.

Order p2p and Cross-Connect.

Establish BGP with DE-CIX India route server.

Create Rules and Filters

What if I need peering in multiple drops?

Even if you need a multiple drops , you need to have a same port by taking the connectivity at your end and then you can distribute the same to your multiple drops.

Is, the one time registration fee is refundable?

No it is not.

How about DE-CIX India’s support?

Yes , will give you a lifetime support relating to configuration , traffic , fluctuation and other technical issues.

What if I stop someday and again want to peer?

There won't be any charges for peering again even if you stop for some period of time.

What is ASN and why it is required ?

ASN (Autonomous System Number) is a unique identity of your network, is required to connect our AS number with your AS number.

What is "transit"?

When one ISP pays another ISP for the right to send traffic across their network, this is known as "transit".

Which router do I need to connect with DE-CIX India ?

Preferably Cisco, Mikrotik, Juniper, Huawei, In case of Another router The Configuration need to be taken care from your end.

What exactly is DirectCLOUD?

DirectCLOUD is a dedicated connection between a network or enterprise and cloud service provider.

What are the benefits of DirectCLOUD?

DirectCLOUD helps you to connect with multiple cloud service providers via single access. It is protected against DDoS attacks, has guaranteed SLAs and stable packet routes and you will be getting exclusive bandwidth to your own services in the cloud.

How many cloud service providers are connected with DE-CIX India?

You can refer the page for the latest update on the connected cloud service providers.

How much does DirectCLOUD cost?

DirectCLOUD cost depends on your network location and the bandwidth. Let us know your specific requirements and we’re happy to assist you.

How to connect to DirectCLOUD?

If you are an existing customer, you don’t need any additional setup. It is just an additional virtual connect to the cloud. If you are new, you can drop an email at and we will get back to you.

Is the DirectCLOUD connection process similar to the peering connectivity?

DirectCLOUD connection can be used on your existing peering connectivity via additional virtual connection. The setup will be done per customer, because each customer has his own dedicated connection to the cloud.

How does DirectCLOUD help in current situation when people are working from home?

Because work from home is more or less done via public Internet, cloud connectivity doesn’t really help home offices that much. However, when the ISP providing the Internet connection for your home office is peering at an Internet Exchange such as DE-CIX, this increases the quality of the connection.

How does it get provisioned?

It depends on the cloud. For most of the clouds you need to start the provisioning in the interface of the cloud service provider. You will get a connection authorization number (a service-key, pairing-key or token). This number will give DE-CIX the right to connect to that network and we will then use the number to extend your access at DE-CIX into the cloud.

What are the requirements to opt this service?

You need to be able to implement a BGP –session on your Internet device to be able to communicate with the cloud.

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