Get direct access to multiple Cloud Providers

Get direct access to multiple Cloud Providers

With DE-CIX DirectCLOUD, you can offer your customers a direct connection to cloud providers; secure and with guaranteed bandwidth.

DirectCLOUD offers you

  • A single connection that gives you access to multiple cloud providers.
  • A secure connection that bypasses the Internet; protected against DDoS attacks
  • Guaranteed SLAs
  • Measurable quality
  • Stable packet routes

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Cloud Service


Benefits of connecting to cloud providers via DE-CIX

Develop your cloud service portfolio

The market will grow by 20% every year in the next years. Using DE-CIX DirectCLOUD to connect to cloud service providers will broaden your service portfolio and increase your profits. You even get access for your enterprise customers to niche cloud service providers. 


New services will strengthen customer loyalty

Your customers want flexible cloud solutions. If you can offer them a cost-effective and secure connection to a variety of cloud service providers, this will strengthen their loyalty to you.


Save time in negotiations with cloud service providers

Usually you have to negotiate with different cloud service providers to offer your customers access to cloud service providers. By connecting to DE-CIX, you can save both time and money: we do the negotiations for you.


Save money with less cross connects

You can access the cloud service provides via your existing DE-CIX access, leading to less cross connect costs.


Available marketing resources

We deliver content for marketing collateral, a cloud video, technical implementation documents, and argumentation guidelines for your enterprise customers to join (white label): everything you need to get started with cloud service offerings for your customers.

Available Service Providers

  • Categories Available at
    IAAS Mumbai
    Productivity Delhi (Coming Soon)
    Business Recovery Other Locations
    Technical Services  
  • Categories Available at
    IAAS Mumbai
    Productivity Delhi (Coming Soon)
    Business Solutions Other Locations
    Backup & Recovery  
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
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