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Apurv Todkar

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Apurv Todkar is a seasoned Network Administrator with over 11 years of experience in IT Infrastructure Project Management, Service Delivery, and Network Operations. He specializes in designing, configuring, and maintaining network infrastructure components. Currently, Apurv is managing network infrastructure at DE-CIX India.

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Course Overview


1. Ethernet:

This session delves into Ethernet technology, the backbone of local area networks (LANs). We’ll cover the fundamentals of Ethernet, including its history, standards (such as IEEE 802.3), and how it enables devices to communicate over a network. Understand the mechanics of Ethernet frames, MAC addresses, and the role of switches and hubs in managing data traffic within a LAN, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity.

2. User Datagram Protocol (UDP):

This session focuses on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), a key component of the Internet Protocol suite. Discover the characteristics of UDP, including its connectionless nature and minimal protocol mechanism, which provide low-latency transmission ideal for real-time applications. We’ll examine how UDP differs from TCP, its structure, use cases like video streaming and online gaming, and the trade-offs involved in choosing UDP for data communication.

Target Audience

Beginner network engineers and IT professionals.


Participants should have a beginner-level understanding of networking concepts, including basic knowledge of IP addressing, subnetting, DNS, DHCP, OSI model, TCP/IP protocol suite, routing, and switching. Familiarity with configuring and troubleshooting basic network setups is recommended.

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