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Apurv Todkar

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Apurv Todkar is a seasoned Network Administrator with over 11 years of experience in IT Infrastructure Project Management, Service Delivery, and Network Operations. He specializes in designing, configuring, and maintaining network infrastructure components. Currently, Apurv is managing network infrastructure at DE-CIX India.

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Course Overview


1. Packets and Protocols:

This session covers the basics of packets and protocols in networking. Learn how data is split into packets for transmission and the role of protocols like TCP/IP, UDP, and HTTP in ensuring data integrity and communication efficiency.

2. The Internet Protocol (IP)

This session focuses on the Internet Protocol (IP), which routes data packets using IP addresses. We’ll discuss IP packet structure, IP addressing, and the differences between IPv4 and IPv6, along with an overview of IP routing.

Target Audience

Beginner network engineers and IT professionals.


Participants should have a beginner-level understanding of networking concepts, including basic knowledge of IP addressing, subnetting, DNS, DHCP, OSI model, TCP/IP protocol suite, routing, and switching. Familiarity with configuring and troubleshooting basic network setups is recommended.