Career Opportunities with DE-CIX India

Who we are?

DE-CIX Interwire India started as Mumbai CH in 2014 is the 1st private Internet Exchange in India. We have been the pioneer in shaping Peering Ecosystem in India. Now with DE-CIX partnership, we are continuing the same with ramped up speed. DE-CIX now runs Internet Exchanges in 4 Metro cities all across India being the no. 1 choice for any networks looking to connect.

What do we offer?

A chance to work at the heart of the Internet Industry in a team-motivated working environment. We believe our employees are an asset more than a mere resource. We nurture talent, enhance capabilities and offer life-shaping experiences.

Why Work with us?

  • Join the Amazing team.
  • Friendly Environment.
  • Flexible Working Hours.
  • Competitive Remuneration.
  • Regular on the Job Training.

We are looking for candidates who can make the dent, the square peg in round hole one's, focused, self-motivated and make a difference. If you think you match a similar skillset drop us a mail on

Looking for Peering & Cloud Consultant!

Peering & Cloud Consultant - Junior or Standard

DE-CIX Peering & Cloud Consulting care about helping customers with their peering and cloud success. We cover the full range of whatever it takes to help the customer to enable the maximum benefits on base of our services. The range goes from simple configuration help, identify errors and help solving these, service ramp-up assistance, manage all kind of questions in optimization up to work with customers on global design topics and do engineering and business consultancy.

Ideal Skills Profile :

  • Passion in IP, BGP, Traffic Engineering
  • and/or passion in Cloud Engineering
  • autodidact, love testing, lifelong learning
  • talking and writing with people
  • fundamental knowledge of layer 1-4
  • traveling, conferences, presentations
  • positive minded, helper syndrome
  • flexible, self-confident, teamplayer
  • project management, project lead
  • social networking skills


Requirements :

  • 5 to 10 years network engineering education and job experience.
  • German language skills are helpful but not mandatory.
  • Academic history is welcome but real engineering experience in the wild is key.
  • The strong will to make the Internet work better should be the motivational driver.
  • Not being shy to act proactive, be contact friendly and self-managed are needed basics.
  • Quick learning of rules, limitations and realities and how to positively deal with these will help a lot.
  • You like to drive things but have some diplomacy instincts too: good!
  • Some self-employment genes in a staffed environment and ability to think in different roles will be helpful.
  • You are hungry and not saturated in doing interesting global IP/BGP engineering: awesome!

Location : Mumbai or Delhi

If you think you are the one who could make a difference, share your resume at we will get in touch with you if any similar opportunity arises.

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