All you need to know about VNO Licensing

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all about VNO

Virtual Network Operator (VNO) or Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is an internet service reseller and provides management services because they do not own telecommunication infrastructure. VNO’s are categorized as virtual networks because they do not possess actual network while offering these network services to their customers. VNO networks often lease bandwidth from various telecom providers at wholesale rates in order to provide solutions to their customers. The VNO business took place in India on 24th July, 2018 by Plintron, Adpay and BSNL.

features & limitations of VNO license

Difference between VNO License and ISP License:

Difference between VNO & ISP License

How to acquire a VNO license?

  • Check Eligibility: One has to register their company under the Companies Act, 1956. Preference is given to Pvt. Ltd. Companies over sole proprietorship/partnership companies.
  • VNO License Category: There are 3 categories of VNO licenses. VNO license is cheapest for Class C.
    •  A ISP (PAN India)
    •  ISP(Telecom Circle/Metro Area)
    • C ISP(Secondary Switching Area)

Budget and Cost Analysis: To augment internet services, the government kept the prices extremely low for category C in comparison to class A and B

VNO License costing
  • Application Filling: A company is required to fill an application form and pay a non-refundable amount of Rs.15000 with all the mandatory documents and 2 copies of the application form and dispatch it at the New Delhi Headquarter of DOT.
  • Document Verification/Review: Document verification is conducted by DOT which may take around 60 days. If approved, the company with receive ‘Letter of Intent’. And if the documents does not make it to the point, the chances are the application will get rejected.
  • Letter of Intent: DOT issues a Letter of Intent after document verification. The company is required to submit a non- refundable one-time entry fee, the signed license agreement and other requisite documents mentioned in the letter within the time mentioned in it.
  • Confirmation: After all the process, the company will be issued a VNO license for ISP under the Unified License for a period of 10 years. The information related to confirmation of license issue will be communicated directly to you via DOT.

As the ubiquitous networks are advancing each day, the field of telecommunication provider has also changed. However, this new category of service provider (VNOs) is efficient enough of creating a customer’s choice and market place where many networks can enjoy under a single infrastructure. The VNO model has created a revolution in the telecom industry.

You can apply for VNO License here

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